17.2m2 enclosed, 8.8m2 verandah

The INDIES by Ecohut, are a new range of compact, efficient prefabs, ready for occupation within days of delivery.

Cosy spaces, open spaces.
Great light and ventilation.
Strong, durable construction.
Off-grid independence.

First up is the little INDIE
...a Studio fit to live in.

Guest accomodation, home office or bush retreat.
Memorable digs for travellers, tourists, farm-stay guests and workers.

Non-combustible, termite-proof steel structure and shell. Cyclone-rated. Engineer certified.

Solar passive design. Well insulated and tightly sealed for controlled ventilation.

Completed with non-toxic, renewable materials, including timber lining and joinery. Minimal construction waste - none on site.

Comprises a pre-finished module extended with prefab panels (SIPs). Simple assembly. No building trades required on site.

Economically delivered by trailer or tilt-tray truck. Cranes not generally required. Concrete-free footings and tie-down.

Fully plumbed and wired with 0.9 kWh solar power system, LPG hot water and cooking and approved dry composting toilet.

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little INDIE

Available now!
under $60k

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ECOHUT Ballina NSW 2478. ABN:65662705462.

Coming soon ...INDIE ONE
With a gargantuan 27.8 square metres enclosed, and 11.4 of covered verandah, the INDIE ONE may be a bit palatial, but many people will love it anyway. It's versatile, it complies, it's easy to extend and can be up and running, independently, in just days on most or country.